Monday, April 11, 2011

Yummy goodness!

So, I am wanting to make all the awesome Easter candies and goodies I have been finding on everyone's blog. Today I decided to go with The Whimsical Princess and her delish DIY- Reese Peanut Butter Eggs. Ooooo, I just saw something else on her blog that I will have to make... Malted Milk Ball Brownies. Mmmm, I love me some malted milk balls! Anyways, I need to focus, back to the Eggs. I made the yummy goodness while making dinner. Whew! It wasn't too bad though. Everything still turned out great.

Ok, so, I varied from The Whimsical Princess recipe a little bit I used milk chocolate instead of semi-sweet chocolate. The latter wasn't cooperating and was all lumpy and such. The milk chocolate was smooth and worked wonderfully. Probably just operater malfunction, but BabeO and I like milk chocolate better anyways. I was able to get 24 Eggs out of my batch (well, it would have been 24, but I had to "test"
the batter!). Plus, BabeO said they were huge, but I don't know; they looked normal to me. lol
Here they are! Mmmm....chocolate. lol

Ok, so these ones look like poop...literally.
 Not a fan of the first few that I made.
These were with the semi-sweet chocolate.

Ok, this is more like it. Nice and smooth, with a drizzle on top! :)
These are the milk chocolate variety.

Close up. The lighting is kinda bad in the pics. Sorry.

This is dinner. Homemade Vegetable Soup. It's good. Hubby approved!

And, just because I'm nasty awesome like that, I used the
 extra chocolate to dip some veggie straws. Sweet and salty. Love it!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Jubilee's 2nd Birthday

Ok. So, this post is about 3 months too late, but better late than never! The theme of the party was Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but it leaned a bit more towards Minne Mouse. My Mommy made the super cute Minnie Mouse dress. She makes many other things in addition to some of Jubilee's dresses. She has a spot on facebook if you want to check it out. The pinata I made was inspired from At Second Street. Super cute! Thanks, At Second Street, for the easy and awesome tutorial. I also made the cake and the ears (not Jubilee's ears, but everyone else's). Here are some pics from the joyous event.
It was a family event. This is Jubilee and her cousins.

The first thing we did, was take the kids (including the big kids) to the park.
Then, we grilled hot diggity dogs and hamburgers.

After that was cake and mickey mouse ears ice cream.

To de-energize the sugar rush, pinata time.
After that, it was finally time for presents.
Altogether, we had a good time. :)

Nana and Dudah had to join us via Skype.
 As you can see, they also had their ears.

The end!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bathroom decor

So, I finally put up the nice little decoration piece in the bathroom. I have had the main attraction for maybe a year now? I can't's been to long! lol Anyways, here are the lovely pics!

See how blank the wall is?

This is the shower curtain. The inspiration.

These are coaters I bought for decor.
 I was originally going to put them in a shadowbox or something.

Here are some Christmas plates.
My Mother-in-law gave me the idea to use this a holder for the coasters.
 I figured the star would be neutral enough, that you wouldn't really be able to tell it was a star.

Tada! Here they are up. Looks nice, huh?
It needs a little something extra, don't you think?

Viola! I made the star into the mariner compass.
 I looove the compass design in general anyways but this was just perfect.
 Can you see where I got the inspiration *hint* shower curtain!
 Oh, btw, ask me how I did the letters. I'm so proud of me.
 I don't have a cricut or silhouette*sigh*

Well, there it is! Hope you enjoyed it!
P.S. Sorry if the pics are situated a lil funny. I have spent 30 min trying to fix them, and I am tired and going to bed!!...Now that I look at it, I guess they're not too funny looking. Oh well.
P.P.S. I linked up with Shanty 2 Chic's party!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My newest addiction...

So, as the title states, my newest addiction is...blogs, especially craft blogs. Tip Junkie and tatertots and jello are going to be the end of me. I just got a new computer less than 2 weeks ago and I already have 112 things added to my favorites bar. I like that favorites bar. Just one click and it's added! It's terrible really. I need to organize the imports from the other computer that I have yet to upload. I was going to print some of the things out to help organize, however, I ran out of black ink! BabeO was going to print stuff out too, but we can't. :( The old computer would substitute a mix of color for black, but the new computer is stubborn. I tried to install the driver for the printer, but after hours of waiting ( I cooked and ate dinner, gave Jubilee a bath and put her to bed, washed a load of clothes, and changed the sheets! Yay me!) the computer finally said, "I can't find it. Go look at the manual and see how to plug it in.". How rude! It really said that, in so many words. Well, I guess that's that.

Oh, and about last night's storm. Crazy, awesome weather! We found bits of our old, rotting tree all over the yard. A good sized branch traveled over the roof to the opposite side of the house, and a rather large branch fell right beside our wall and air conditioner. Thankfully Jubilee slept through it but then was up bright and early at 6:30am. However, she did take a nap today. Yay!

Monday, April 4, 2011

First post. Woo hoo!

So, this is the first post. It shall be short and sweet... I hope. I have/had another blog, but I created this new one, so everything is in spot. Sooo much easier. Anyways, dinner was nice. Almost burned it :( but BabeO still liked it! yay! I think I might try to add some past crafts or whatnot.
Well, a storm is coming and I need to get to bed.
BTW; Just a warning: I jump around a lot when I talk, so, my blog will pretty much reflect how I think. (That's what a blog is right?) I'm kinda random and I try to collect my thoughts before I type, and then I try to clean up before I post. I have always been scatter brained and I probably always will be, so, please bear with my jumpiness of conversation! Thanks for stopping by!